TOP 10 Printer Brands

Right now Canon is the most ‘liked’ of all printer makers on social media sites according to data from The producer has among the greatest percents of appreciation for Canon’s products in all categories quantified in the website.

Panasonic is comparatively high in the printer and notebook league. Maybe those who purchase their products, find some slight issues while using them but overall, it’s a good score.

Purchasing into well known brand names does not always mean you’re getting a merchandise that is great. Businesses like Epson and Lexmark who’ve an extended history of printer production sit in the middle of the list. Unfortunately, they’ve a comparatively low percent of ‘love’ across all tested groups.

These facts represents issues folks are talking about on social networks. The computation is dependent on the absolute amount of negative and positive views within the last 3 months (Considering the quantity of views in a specific group using the Bayesian Typical procedure).

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