How To Handle Your Printer and Supplies?

Use scissors to cut the plastic bag featuring the new toner cartridge.

IMPORTANT: Never attempt to pull the bag apart. Damage can be caused by forcing the toner through the opening to the cartridge. Pay particular attention when handling toner cartridges to prevent toner leakage. Toner can stain carpeting and clothing.

Checking Toner

When print starts getting too light, take cartridge out of the printer and roll from side to side. This will redistribute the toner in the cartridge possibly allowing additional prints. This will give you time to order another toner cartridge.

Filling the Paper Tray

Always store your paper in a cool dry area. Hold paper with fingers on opposite corners. This will separate the paper from each other and will not cause static electricity.

IMPORTANT: Fanning the paper causes static electricity. Static electricity considerably impacts the performance of your printer. It causes paper jams and can cause multiple print pages.

Slowly pull paper out, in the direction of the paper trail, when clearing a paper jam. Damage can be caused by pulling paper from the opposite direction to the printer’s gears.

Don’t over fill the paper tray! Overfilling the paper tray will lead to paper jams.

Using the Bypass Paper Tray

The bypass tray should be used for specialty paper, odd size paper, thick paper, card stock, when running a couple of sheets of a size paper that was different than in labels and the tray.

If you follow those simple steps, your printer will work for you without glitches.

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