How To Replace Cartridge?

Printer cartridges run out of ink after regular use. Having the ability to replace them quickly and accurately allows you to get back to work.

1. You need to have instruction/guide to get most toner cartridges out.

2. Open the printer door to get the toner cartridges.

3. Remove from the printer.

Determined by the version, you may need to unhook the cradle carrying the cartridge in position, or press the release tab key to unlatch the cartridge you would like to remove. With some printers, you may need to hold the blue release button down at the side of the cartridge buggy.
Unlocked, remove by pulling it up and toward you.

4. Get the new cartridge from the carton, but keep it in its plastic packaging. Occasionally, in the toner drum, ink can settle during transport, causing inferior-quality copies. To prevent this issue, lightly shake the cartridge. This helps completely disperse toner through the cartridge.

5. Remove from its packaging and pull the coloured tab on the cartridge. This removes the protective tape from the underside of the cartridge.
While doing this, be cautious not to touch the imaging drum on the underside of the print cartridge.

6. Place in. On apparatus with a cradle that is locking, make sure you snap it shut about the cartridge before shutting the lid.

7.¬†Your computer will recognize that a brand new print cartridge was installed. Most computers will ask you if you would like to print a test page to make sure that the new cartridge is practical. Click “OK.” The printer settings will be scanned by the computer and create a full-color page.

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