How to Sell Ink Cartridges?

Many printer and toner supply companies have facilities that buy used ink toner cartridges from companies and private people. Ink and toner cartridge buyers benefit from sourcing used cartridges from consumers, because the cartridges are new (or almost new) and still can be sold.

These businesses are willing to purchase used cartridges from consumers, because they can create revenue that is comparable to selling brand new ink and toner cartridges, while incurring expenses below the cost of purchasing and selling stocks of toner that is brand new from the first brand providers.

Navigate to a homepage of an ink cartridge buyer site like

Create an account with the toner buyer if you must submit a supply listing of your cartridge inventory. Some ink cartridge buyers do not require an account to submit an inquiry.

Some buyers may just supply downloadable PDF and word files, that require sellers to fax or mail in the sales offers. Some buyers have on-line sales submission interfaces. Other buyers use pre-formatted merchandise lists that contain all of the cartridges the firm purchases (Pre-formatted lists may even comprise the present offering price of that cartridge).

Complete the form based on the instructions at the very top of the form. Include all the relevant advice about your stock including brand, the amount, state or make and model number of your cartridges. Include the payment advice and payment method if those alternatives are on the form that you just prefer.

Read about how the buyer acknowledges processes payment and sales offers information. Some may processes requests within 24 hours, and others may require over a week. Some buyers may ensure a reply, and others may simply react when they need stock.

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