How To Garde Your Cartridges?

Below is a quick overview of cartridges grading system. Many companies will use similar grading, if you want to know more about your cartridges just let us know and we will come out with a great deal!

Cartridges – Grades

A Level printer cartridges that are NEW should be in perfect state and brand new.
A standard cartridges still should be in date and must be unopened. Re-manufactured or “compatible” printer cartridges aren’t classed as A level even if they’re in perfect state.

B Level printer cartridges that are NEW covers a broader variety of products. Cartridges with light to moderate damaged of cartons and labels out of date fall into B Mark surplus printer cartridges.

C Grade cartridges. Those are mostly heavily damaged, broken and not suitable for future use. Most likely we don’t accept printer cartridges that are damaged.

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